How to Select the Perfect Rugby Boots

Published: 02nd June 2009
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Great prices on an extensive range of rugby boots from major brands including Adidas, Asics, Canterbury, Gilbert, Joma, Kappa, Kooga, Mizuno, Nike, Nomis, Optimum, Puma, Umbro and Web Ellis.

Rugby boots are the shoes which are worn when playing Rugby. The only thing that is between the Rugby player and the field is the Rugby boots he's wearing. Therefore selecting the perfect well fitting Rugby boots is very important.

Some Rugby boots are made with studs on the bottom specially designed for grass pitches. However, although they're called boots, modern Rugby boots are only up to the ankle. Rugby boots come in different style according the position or role of the player in the game. In position such as hooker, prop and lock, shoes with the screw-in studs are ideal. The players are able to adjust their studs as they wish. These Rugby boots which contain metal tips of about 18 mm are heavier than other shoes. Depending on the pitch these studs can be adjusted. If the pitch is muddy a longer set of studs are suitable. Strong Rugby boots with high tops are preferably for the front row players and locks while the forward's boots need to have good traction.

Some Rugby boots have a high cut around the ankles since traditionally they were believed to provide more support to the foot. But modern Rugby players carry heavy physiques and are more athletic, and they can easily do without the restriction of the high-cut boots.

Modern Rugby boots are manufactured with a deep toe box to fit the toes well and comfortably. Flexibility of the boot is what is most important since they need to flex at the correct point where the foot bends.

Selecting a quality pair of Rugby boots is a tedious task. It is always best to go for popular brands such as Adidas, Asics, Canterbury, Gilbert, Joma, Kappa, Kooga, Mizuno, Nike, Nomis, Optimum, Puma, Umbro and Web Ellis. These brands are manufactured using quality material, thus giving a comfortable fit to the foot. One must never buy a pair that looks good on a model or which is modelled by their favourite player. But should always pay attention to the comfort and fit. Winning a game depends on the player not upon its shoes. Sportswear merely carries the player comfortably throughout the game.

Rugby boots are made using both synthetic and original leather and the best quality boots are usually made out of kangaroo leather. But owing to the growing concern to protect wildlife, the demand for non-animal products is higher. However synthetic material has advantageous such as low cost and light weight.

While selecting your Rugby boots you should always take care not to hurt yourself or the players of the opposition by picking the wrong shoes. Since some shoes may have ridges, sharp edges and harmful points. Therefore a good sportsman should always make sure that his Rugby boots are acceptable in the field.

Before buying your Rugby boots it is advisable to think what position you will be playing, the kind of pitch - if it's a soft or a hard field, your weight and the shape of your foot and finally decide the kind of boots that are best for you.

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